Anti-slip insert

Anti-slip insert

After my budgies had trouble walking on the plastic floor of the shower, I always put a piece of kitchen roll in there in the beginning.

After that was only a stopgap solution, I decided to make a simple anti-slip insert. Especially well suited for Küchentücher from bamboo, which are not only stable, but also washable sind.



  • Place the bottom of the shower on a sheet of bamboo kitchen roll and trace the outline in pencil.
Dusch-Boden auf Tuch
Umriss des Bodens
  • Cut out the outline, not forgetting the cutouts for the button and the drain hole.
  • Place the anti-slip mat on the floor of the shower.

After use

After using the shower, the shower liner should be allowed to dry through for at least 24h to kill any trichomonas.