Sensible division

As a rule, the first thing to think about what should be in the cage and what rather not. However, it is not a good idea to then just distribute all the accessories and great toys more or less randomly in the cage.

Sensible division of the cage

In order for the budgies to really feel comfortable and not get claustrophobic in a cage that is too crowded, you should first give some thought to a sensible division of space in the cage.

Here is a suggestion for the cage layout (from top to bottom):

  • 1st level: bedroom and living room
  • 2nd level: recreational area (flight zone)
  • 3rd level: dining room (food and water bowls).
  • 4th level: first floor with bedding
Sleeping level at the top of the cage

Since budgies like to sleep as high up as possible, you should set up the sleeping area on the top level and place enough perches and swings there. This area is also used as a seating area during the day, so you should provide enough variety in the form of different seating options.

Flight level with landing pads

What is often forgotten in the cage layout is a flight zone without disturbing obstacles. So, as a rule, in this area there should be only suitable seats (not poles) for landing.

Feeding level

In the feeding area, there should be a sufficient number of food bowls and a water bowl at the front of the cage. Here you need to make sure that there are no perches above to avoid contamination of the bowls. In addition, there is usually room for other offerings in this area (e.g., perch, sand bath, etc.).

In the lowest level should be only the bedding , so that it can be cleaned as easily as possible (without disturbing objects).

You can find more detailed information on this under Divide cage sensibly .