Budgie keeping

What all you need to consider when keeping budgies. Starting from the correct and species-appropriate diet to disease prevention and adequate employment of these.

Proper nutrition

  • Grain feed
  • Fresh food
  • Supplementary food & snacks
  • Food supplement
Budgie keeping: Proper nutrition


  • How much grain food?
  • What is there to consider when it comes to drinking water?
  • Why Grit?
  • What to look for in fresh food?
Budgie keeping: Feeding

Disease prevention

  • Nutrition
  • Water & Feeding Bowls
  • Perches
  • Bathing facility
Disease prevention


  • Flock or partner bird
  • Cage employment
  • Free flight employment
  • Creative or intelligence toy
  • Nibbling cone
  • Branches

Feather dust in the room air

Many owners of budgies often only become aware of the problem of feather dust in the indoor air when allergic reactions to it occur.