When feeding budgies, you should pay attention to some things, especially in terms of hygiene, to prevent possible diseases.

Grain feed

Each budgie should be fed daily about 2 teaspoons of a species-appropriate grain mixture receive.

The old food should always be completely replaced , as the food remains under the husks are no longer accessible to the budgies.

Feed bar with measuring spoon

After removing the husks (e.g. feed cleaning machine), the collected feed residues can of course be used again .

Proper nutrition

varied and wholesome diet is the best health care. Unfortunately, most grain mixtures and other products available in the pet trade cannot meet this requirement.

Drinking water

Budgies need fresh drinking water every day. However, it is not enough to change the drinking water, but also the drinking bowl must be changed daily.

Water bowl

The used drinking bowls must be cleaned with hot water and a brush to remove the bacterial film at the bottom of the bowl. In addition, the bowl must then be allowed to dry through for 24 hours in order to prevent flagellates (trichomonads) etc.

Tea or boiled water

Budgies should not be given only boiled water, because when heated, important electrolytes and minerals are lost, which they then lack.
For this reason, teas should also be offered only in exceptional cases or as a supplement.


No matter what bedding you use, you should still always offer grit in an extra dish or bowl for hygienic reasons. The grit contained in bird sand is usually contaminated by the droppings of budgies.

Bowl with grit

Bird sand & grit

Bird sand and grit are vital for the budgie, otherwise the food in the gizzard can not be crushed and digested.

Fresh food

Fresh food should not be left in the cage for too long and, depending on susceptibility to mold and bacteria (especially fruit and vegetables) or temperature (especially in summer), should be removed after a few hours or the next day at the latest.

Green food with budgies

Wash fresh food

Collected and also purchased fresh food should be carefully washed to remove impurities and residues of pesticides.