Vet visit

Vet visit
Vet? Forget it!

Material needed

You should get the following things before you really need them.

Transport box

For the visit to the vet, you need a small transport box from which you can get the budgie out with a handle and also put it back in without any problems, without it escaping.

If the box is too large, or if it is equipped with perches, the bird is exposed to greater stress due to the difficulty of catching it, and there is also the possibility that it will injure itself while fluttering around.

Hand in the transport box

The bottom of the transport box should be covered with a thick layer of bird sand or alternatively with beech wood granules.

Cotton cloth

The cotton cloth is needed for trapping and should be as thin as possible.

With a cloth that is too thick, you can ‘t really feel the bird and there is always the danger of holding it too tight or tighter than necessary.


Catching out of the cage

Tulle landing net

Catching the bird with a landing net is very difficult and usually only successful when it is sitting on a flat surface.

However, this is needed to “direct” the budgie away from unreachable places. Usually it is enough to approach the bird slowly and carefully with the landing net to get it to fly somewhere else, so in the best case into the cage.

Catch in room

Tea towel and fabric clips

If you have a cage with larger doors, it is recommended to close them with a towel and fasten them with fabric clips as soon as or as long as the bird is in the cage. Budgies often manage to fly out of the cage opening past the arm and escape that way.

Cage door hung with cloth

Then you can carefully slide your hand under the cotton cloth.

Put in the transport box

For the capture of the budgerigar should be about 30-45min. schedule, to be able to capture this without much stress.

Budgie sitting in the transport box

Here you should proceed with great calmness and in no case shoo the bird back and forth. It is quite sufficient to approach it slowly with the landing net or with the cotton cloth in order to make it fly somewhere else or to hop or climb into a corner of the cage.

Capture & Hold

Once you have captured the budgie, it is best to put it in the transport box still with the cotton cloth and close the lid as much as possible. Then you can let go of the bird, carefully pull out the hand together with the cloth and close the lid.

If necessary, you can cover the transport box with the cotton cloth on the way to the vet to calm him down if necessary.

Transportation of several budgies

If you visit the vet with several budgieseach bird will of course need its own transport box, otherwise it will be very difficult for the vet to put one budgie in without another escaping.