Fodder plants: Basil

In the 3rd part of the series of articles about food plants for budgies, it is about a well-known, Italian kitchen herb, the basil.



Parts to feed

  • Leaves
  • Stem
  • Flowers

General tips

The entire plant can be offered to the birds for consumption.

It is especially recommended for stomach upsets and parasites inside the bird.

It is commercially available all year round and can also be sown outdoors from May (please only buy organic plants in the supermarket).

Please note that basil is primarily a medicinal herb and its ingredients are highly concentrated. In large quantities, basil can quickly become unhealthy.

Feel free to make a tea from the ingredients if your birds tend to avoid green fodder.

Ingredients and effects on birds

Basil contains essential oils, flavonoids, beta-carotene, tannins and various vitamins.

Basil has antibacterial, antiviral, digestive and helps in particular against parasites.

Due to the essential oils, basil may only be offered in small quantities.

Harvest time

vailable in stores all year round, outdoor sowing possible from May

Franzis Budgie World

Franzis Budgie World

Guest author of this series of articles on forage plants