Bird sand cleaning made easy

Since newspaper and kitchen roll were never an option for me as a litter substitute, I had to think about the simplest and most effective method of cleaning the bird sand right from the start.

The first thing that came to mind was cat litter scoops. After all, it could be used to clean the litter tray without having to change the entire litter.

Why shouldn’t there be a suitable equivalent that can also be used to clean bird sand? Far from it, apparently no manufacturer of bird accessories has come up with this idea yet (or at least he hid well from me).

However, I have then still found at the reptile supplies. Apparently they used so-called sand sieves or dung scoops to clean the terrariums.

Of course, I didn’t think twice and ordered such a “device” and what can I say – these are also the best ones to clean the bird sand with.

So here is my tip for cleaning bird sand. You simply use a so-called scoop from the reptile supply.

Bird sand cleaning made easy

With this you can easily, quickly and effectively remove the budgies’ droppings and also many other things from the bird sand.

Not only does the cage floor always look clean and tidy, you also don’t have to change the bird sand as often as before.

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