Budgie and dog ?!?

Budgie and dog ?!?

Unfortunately, keeping a budgie and a dog together is rarely a good idea.

Situation 1: Especially well-behaved dog

You often hear how well-behaved a dog is and how it does nothing to the budgies.

Unfortunately, an unexpected situation can still occur in which the dog’s instinct is to snap reflexively. Even if the budgie is not injured, the shock is often enough to kill it.

Situation 2: Dog and budgie are kept separately

After being aware of the dangers, keep budgies and dog separate.

But even here it can happen that the dog manages to slip into the room with the budgies. Here, unfortunately, even a tiny carelessness is enough.

Current example

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to the dog in the picture above.
Although the budgies and the dog were kept separate, the dog still managed to get into the free-flight room and snatch at a budgie.
Even though the dog apparently did not really hurt it, this budgie unfortunately died of shock anyway.

Information about further dangers can be found under Information – Dangers .

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