Forage plants: Camomile

Guest contribution by Monika Maria


Camomile is not only a food plant for budgies, but is probably already known to most as a medicinal plant or tea.



Feedable parts

  • Leaves
  • Stems
  • Buds
  • Flowers


With prolonged heat without precipitation, it is unfortunately hard to find meadow flowers, but the camomile defies the temperatures one of the longest.

They can still be found in the parched soils at the edges of fields and meadows.

Camomile is the medicinal plant par excellence!

There is hardly an illness in humans and animals for which it cannot be used as a support. Whether as a tea, decoction or wound dressing made from fresh leaves and flowers or for inhalation.

Budgies, too, appreciate the plant very much and gladly accept all parts of it, both fresh and dried in the rooting box.

They particularly like the yellow seed heads, which taste slightly sweet.

I offer my budgies camomile all year round. Both the plant and in the form of tea1Steep the leaves for 5 minutes, which they like to drink and also bathe in.

Monika Maria

Monika Maria

Guest author of this article on forage plants