Fodder plants: Chickweed


In the 2nd part of the series of articles about food plants for budgies, it is about the chickweed or bird chickweed (Stellaria media).



Parts to feed

  • Leaves
  • Stern
  • Seeds
  • Flowers

General tips

The entire plant can be offered to the birds for consumption. It is of central importance during moulting and rearing.

It is widespread and can be fed all year.

It also does well in your own garden, provided the soil is moist and in partial shade as chickweed is very sensitive, especially in summer. You can likely buy seeds in your local supermarket and online.

However, please be careful when picking:

Weedkillers may have been used on neatly tended plots.

Do not pick dandelions on or near agricultural land because of over-fertilisation.

Please also do not pick along busy roads due to pollution.

Ingredients and effects on birds

Chickweed is probably the best and healthiest plant for birds.

It is an absolute must during the moult due to its high silicic acid content (needed for new feathers).

It also contains a lot of vitamins A and C, potassium, saponins and calcium.

Harvest time

The whole year

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