Forage plants: Common plantain

Guest contribution by Monika Maria & Welli@Home

The common plantain is a robust forage plant that can be found in meadows or along roadsides.

Common plantain

Common plantain

Feedable parts

  • Leaves
  • Stems
  • Seed bulb
  • Flowers


The slightly bitter tasting plant grows well even during longer periods of heat.

From leaf to seed, everything can be offered.

My budgies like the seed cobs, which only develop in late summer, sprinkled over their vegetables.

The leaf juice is also good for the supportive treatment of mild inflammations.

As a tea1Steep leaves for 5-10 min., it also has a supportive effect on bacterial infections, diarrhoea and small skin injuries (bath).

During the stressful moulting period, the tea helps both internally and externally (bath).

Monika Maria

Monika Maria

Guest author of this article on forage plants