Fodder plants – Dandelion

FBW Loewenzahn Kaefig

Today there were dandelions. This is a great plant, which unfortunately many still do not feed regularly. In my new series of posts about food plants, I would like to introduce you to some all-rounders!



Parts to feed

  • Root
  • Leaves
  • Stem
  • Seed
  • Flowers

General tips

The whole plant is one of the most important food plants for all green foraging birds.

The widespread dandelion is a valuable medicinal plant for both humans and animals.

However, please be careful when picking:

Weedkillers may have been used on neatly tended plots.

Do not pick dandelions on or near agricultural land because of over-fertilisation.

Please also do not pick along busy
roads due to pollution.

Inhaltsstoffe und Wirkung

The plant has a blood-cleansing, diuretic and appetite-stimulating effect in birds.

If your birds do not accept veggies well,you can also make a tea.

Harvest time

April to November

Franzis Budgie World

Franzis Budgie World

Guest author of this series of articles on forage plants