Rummage boxes

Rummage boxes

Simple rummage box

To create a rummage box, it is actually sufficient to use unpainted wooden trays with a sufficiently high rim, which you then fill with suitable materials.

Einfache Wühlkiste


Rummage box with seat branch

Burrow box with branch

If you wish, you can also equip them with a perching branch to offer the budgies a place to land or perch.



  • Wooden tray 25 x 25cm (edge height 5cm)
  • Branch fork in the desired shape (hazelnut, fruit trees or birch).
  • suitable branch pieces as perches
  • Countersunk wood screws of appropriate length (depending on the thickness of the branch)
  • Possibly washer for stabilization


  • Pre-drill the branch fork for fastening to the bottom of the wooden tray and for the seat branches according to the screw diameter.
  • Drill a hole in the centre of each of the seat branches and then screw them to the branch fork.
  • Drill a hole for the screw in the desired place in the bottom of the wooden tray.
  • Screw the branch fork to the bottom of the wooden tray with the screw and, if necessary, a washer (under the bottom).

Coconut – rummage box

Coconut cup - rummage box



  • Fill the coconut cups with ZigZag paper or alternatively (or at a later time) with nibbling material.

Filling the burrow box


As a basis is recommended, for example, beech wood granules or also another bedding suitable for budgies.

Material for nibbling

Mix a suitable nibbling mixture for budgies into the base, but an over-litter or nibbling litter can also be used well for this purpose.

Flower mix with herbs
Nibble litter

Additional nibbling material

To round it all off, you can add suitable nibbling woods and/or flowers.