Draw budgies

Draw budgies
Draw budgies

What to do when the budgies are looking particularly sweet and innocent and you’ve just misplaced your smartphone or your battery is flat?

Very simple, get out the pencil, gather the crayons and start drawing with this drawing tutorial from Alina Sauter ( Blog “BLEIB-GESTREIFT” ) immortalize the little ones on paper.

Draw budgies in 7 steps

First sketch everything out with a soft pencil.

  1. As with most animals, you start with the budgie’s head . To do this, draw a circle.
  2. Underneath sits the body for which you draw half a heart. At the end of it is the branch on which the budgie sits.
  3. For the wing , draw an arc on the back of the bird.
  4. Then come the legs and toes, holding on to the branch.
  5. Now draw the tail feathers and a few bows on the wing, using the feathers as a guide.
  6. Of course, the budgie also needs an eye. You can then draw the beak in the shape of an elongated heart.
  7. Finally, you can draw in the individual feathers on the wing. Do not forget about the tail feathers.

Then trace everything with a fineliner and you can color your budgie as you like.

Draw other animals

If you have acquired a taste for this and perhaps want to try your hand at making a parrot or other pet, you will certainly be interested in “ Bleib-Gestreift ” will find what they are looking for.


There you will find everything about learning to draw animals and of course lots of drawing instructions.

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