Basics of species-appropriate husbandry and care of budgerigar from acquisition, proper nutrition to visits to the vet.


  • Acquisition of budgies
  • Cock or hen?
  • Moult
  • Colour strokes
  • Cultivars
  • Breeder


What all is there to consider when buying a cage for the budgies and which cages are not suitable.

How can I divide the cage as sensibly as possible, so that the budgies can also feel comfortable in it.

Budgie cage from outside

Free Flight Room

What do you need to consider before the first free flight to make the room budgie-proof and what are the possible sources of danger when the budgies fly freely there?

Flying budgie in free flight room

Budgie keeping

  • Proper nutrition
  • Feeding the budgies
  • Disease prevention
  • Employment
Glass bowl and measuring spoon with grain food

Habituation to the human being

Instead of trying to “tame” the budgies, it is better to gradually accustom them to humans.

Once they have gained confidence, they usually come to interact with humans of their own free will.

Budgie sitting on the finger

Capture & Hold

Sometimes it can not be avoided that you have to capture a budgie and then you should know how to do it as gently as possible.

Furthermore, you should also know how to hold it properly so as not to injure it or expose it to unnecessary panic.

Holding a budgie in hand

Vet visit

Even if all budgies are healthy and lively, you should still prepare for a possibly necessary visit to the vet, because there are some things that you should get in advance and always have available.

Budgie sitting on the transport box