• Why is the selection of the breeder so important?
  • What do I need to consider when buying budgies?
  • Why should compassionate buying be discouraged?

Many questions that will hopefully be answered here in sufficient detail.

Two budgies

Rooster or hen

To answer the question about the sex of a budgie, you need to look more closely at coloring of the wax skin.

But with which color is it then a rooster or a hen?

A rooster and a hen


  • How does this work and how can I recognize it?
  • How can I help my budgie with this?
  • What problems can arise in the process?
Budgerigar molting

Color strokes

In addition to the generally known green and blue budgies, there are now numerous color strokes.

  • If you are just curious, you can find pictures of the color strokes here.
  • Who wants to know it however completely exactly, can deal also with the different characteristics to the not completely simple distinction of the color strokes.
Budgerigar a different color strokes


  • Which breeding forms exist at all?
  • How do they differ from the wild form or from each other?
  • Which breeding forms should rather not be purchased due to problematic breeding goals or even torture breeding?
A Hansi boy and a half standard


Here you can find an overview of budgie breeders sorted by federal states.

In addition to contact options and websites, it is also indicated whether shipping by means of animal transport is possible.

Breeding boxes from Vogelzucht Schumacher