Budgie keeping

What all you need to consider when keeping budgies. Starting from the correct and species-appropriate diet to disease prevention and adequate employment of these.

Proper nutrition

  • Grain feed
  • Fresh food
  • Supplementary food & snacks
  • Food supplement
Budgie keeping - Proper nutrition


  • How much grain food?
  • What is there to consider when it comes to drinking water?
  • Why Grit?
  • What to look for in fresh food?
Budgie keeping - Feeding

Disease prevention

  • Nutrition
  • Water & Feeding Bowls
  • Perches
  • Bathing facility
Budgie keeping - disease prevention


  • Flock or partner bird
  • Cage employment
  • Free flight employment
  • Creative or intelligence toy
  • Nibbling cone
  • Branches
Budgie keeping - Employment