Do it yourself

Ideas and suggestions for “do it yourself”. Starting from employment possibilities and accessories for budgies over recipes for snacks and pecking stones up to ideas for Featherless or budgie fans.


  • Overview craft ideas
  • Crafting tips

Accessories for the cage

  • Perches & Swings
  • Cage cleaner
DIY - cage accessories

Rummage boxes

  • Simple rummage box
  • Rummage box with seat branch
  • Coconut – rummage box
  • Filling the burrow box
Do it yourself - rummage box


  • Budgie snacks
  • Nibble rings
  • Nibbling cone
  • Carrot snack
  • Grit pick stone
  • Clay-grit pick stone
DIY - Recipes

Grow green fodder yourself

  • Suitable seed
  • Herb meadow in decorative container
  • Bird grass & bird bath in combination
  • Bird grass with cage holder
Grow green fodder yourself

Budgie crochet

Crochet instructions to make your own green or blue budgie.

DIY - crochet wavy parakeet

Felo Gallery

  • Drawings
  • Children drawings
  • Handicrafts