The most diverse recipes from healthy snacks & nibble rings without flour, egg, sugar or honey to homemade grit or clay – pick stones.

Budgie snacks

Snacks with psyllium husks:

  • Basic recipe
  • Moult Snack & Megabacteriosis Snack
  • Autumn nibbles

Potato based snacks:

  • Basic recipe
  • Wild herbs snack
Recipes - Snacks

Nibbles – Rings

  • Basic recipe
  • Herbs – nibble ring
  • Mauser – nibbling ring
  • Megabacteriosis – ring
Recipes - Kanbberrings

Nibbling cone

With these craft instructions and the recipe, you can make a nibbling cone with a banksia cone. This can usually be reused and repopulated.

Nibbling cone (Banksia)

Carrot snack

Tasty carrot snacks with carrot greens for the budgies can be made from “vegetable scraps” without much effort.

Carrot ends with green

Grit pick stone

With an appropriate silicone baking mould, grit and a few other ingredients, this recipe makes it easy to make your own grit picks for budgies.

Grit stones

Clay Grit Pick Stone

With clay powder and a few other ingredients, this recipe and a silicone baking tin can be used to make clay bricks for budgies without much effort.

Clay bricks

Supplementary food

To ensure the supply of many important minerals, vitamins and trace elements, you can offer this home-made mineral supplement in a separate bowl for free intake.

Mineral - supplementary feed