Carrot Snack (Upcycling)

Carrot snack (upcycling)

With minimal effort and a little patience, “vegetable scraps” can be transformed into a delicious carrot snack for budgies.

Variant 1


  • Plate or coaster
  • 1 sheet of kitchen roll (“Zewa”)
  • cut ends of carrots


  • Fold the kitchen towel and place it in the plate.
  • Spread the cut ends of the carrots on top.
  • Moisten the cloth well with water,
Carrot ends on damp kitchen paper
  • Water regularly until the carrot greens are big enough to feed.
Carrot ends with green

Variant 2


  • Suitable container (e.g. cat grass bowl, flower pot)
  • some vegetable soil or coconut soil
  • cut ends of carrots


  • Fill container with soil and moisten soil well.
  • Spread carrot ends on top and press down lightly.
Carrot ends on earth
  • Put the whole thing in a bright place and keep the soil moist at all times.
Carrot ends with green

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