Food comparison – Human food

In the case of grain mixtures for budgies, one can draw certain parallels to human food.

Feed comparison

Perhaps such a food comparison will encourage some people to take a closer look at their budgie food and consider how healthy it actually is.

Fast food

Human fast food is known to be very high in calories.

This would correspond to a grain mix that does not include grass seeds (low in calories), but does include many oil seeds (high in fat) contains.

Example: plata millet, red millet, silver millet, oat kernels, canary seed, Flaxseed , Cardy , Niger seed

Ready meals(convenience)

As probably many know, human ready meals (convenience products) contain a lot of undesirable ingredients and are also quite high in calories.

This would correspond to a mixture of grains that, in addition to oilseeds (high in calories) also still undesirable ingredients contains.

Example: Millet, canary seed, grass seed, Negro Seed , Linseed , Bakery products , oats, buckwheat, Fruits , Minerals, Vegetable by-products , Oils and fats , Honey , vegetables, vegetable protein extracts , Yeasts , Insects, Eggs and egg products , Molluscs and crustaceans

Whole foods

Whole foods are known to be the healthiest option and therefore highly recommended.

This would correspond to a grain mixture that, in addition to many different types of millet, at least 10% grass seed and also does not contain oilseeds (for indoor use). In addition, wild herbs as well as their seeds are always a recommended addition.

Example: silver millet, La Plata Millet, Japan millet, Red millet, Senegal Millet, Green millet, Mohair Millet, Manna millet, glossy seed, Meadow fescue , Pagima Green and Cocksfoot , oat kernels, Herbs

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