Further information from the nutrition of budgies about dangers and diseases to the problems of private breeding.

Budgies in Australia

That our budgies are descended from the wild form in Australia should be known to most keepers of the same, but often little is known about their living conditions and their behaviour in the wild.

Budgies in Australia


  • Grain mixtures
  • Fresh food
  • Grains and seeds
  • Malnutrition and undernourishment
Information - Nutrition

Suitable or unsuitable?

  • Woods and twigs
  • Cork for shredding?
  • Suitable light sources (BirdLamp)
  • Moulting aid
  • Toys & Employment
  • Cage accessories
  • Ropes and tapes
Suitable or unsuitable?


  • Gefahrenquellen
  • Gefährliches Zubehör
  • Giftige Pflanzen
  • Vergiftungen
  • Weihnachten & Silvester


  • Overview of the diseases
  • Signs of disease
  • Aids for the treatment
  • Medicinal plants
  • First aid box

Capture , Hold and Veterinary visit (see Basics )


Divide & set up cage sensibly

How to sensibly divide a cage into different levels and set them up accordingly:

  • Sleep & Sit
  • Flying
  • Food & other offers
  • Bedding
Divide & set up cage sensibly

Private and hobby breeding?

Breeding in budgies is very different from breeding in mammals. Thus, the lack of knowledge about it can often result in sick, crippled or dead chicks or lead to the death of the hen.

Private and hobby breeding?