Tumours of the female reproductive organs are difficult to diagnose in live budgies. Testicular tumors, on the other hand, are found quite frequently in males.


  • After the tumour presses on the intestines, it is mainly the intestinal function that is affected. The result is infrequent but oversized fecal portions. In the final stage, the budgies die of an intestinal obstruction.
  • Estrogens are produced by many testicular tumors, resulting in a discoloration of the waxy skin (brown) of males.
  • The tumors can become so large that they bulge the abdomen and the animals then sit on their perch with their backs curved.
Sick budgie


An X-ray contrast image can be used to infer a testicular tumor based on the displacement of the intestinal loops.


Theoretically, surgical removal of the tumour would be possible, but due to the weakened condition of the patient, this is rarely successful. As soon as the first symptoms are visible, the process is unfortunately already too far advanced.

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