Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants

No substitute for veterinarian

The medicinal herbs listed here do not replace a visit to the vet, but may only be used as a support.


Medicinal plants are not only healthy in certain amounts, but can also aid in the healing of certain diseases.

Like medicines, many medicinal plants are harmful or even toxic when overdosed.

Therefore, as long as these are not expressly bird food plant declared, they must not be fed as fresh food or even in larger quantities.

Overview of medicinal herbs

Medicinal plantEffectTeaApplication
BasilAnti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, expectorant, analgesic, digestive5 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Common plantainMolt, bacterial infections, diarrhea, small skin lesions, inflamed eyes.5-10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
NettlePoisoning (+ clay), minor injuries, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.5 min.Drinking & Bathing
FennelMucus in the respiratory tract
Daisiescolds, intestines, small wounds, itchy parasite infestation10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Goose cinquefoilanti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, disinfectant, analgesic, wound healing15 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Shepherd’s pursesmall skin injuries, injured toes5 min.Eating, Drinking & Bathing
Chamomilesmall wounds, external inflammations, colds5 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Garlic rocketReduce worm infestation
Lavenderdisinfectant, antibacterial, fungicidal10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Lime blossomsRespiratory tract, cold15 min.Eating, Drinking & Bathing
Dandeliondigestive, colds (preventive)10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
MarjoramInfections of the respiratory tract, wounds that are difficult to heal5 min.Eating, drinking and bathing
Mintsmall wounds and inflammations, colds, mucus of the respiratory organs10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
OreganoReduce roundworms10 min.Food, drink
Marigoldexternal injuries, bacterial infections10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
RosemaryWounds, ulcers, inflammations5 min.Food, Drink & Bath
RibwortWounds, external inflammations, diarrhea, swollen feet.5 min.Food, Drink & Bath
PansyMoult, inflammation, bacterial infections5 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Thymebacterial infections, fungi, small wounds, inflammations, swellings10 min.Food, Drink & Bath
Lemon balmoutbreaks of diseases (also preventive), injuries10 min.Food, Drink & Bath

No substitute for drinking water

Teas do not replace drinking water and should not be offered for extended periods of time. Boiled water contains almost no electrolytes and minerals.
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