Fresh food

Fresh food with Welli

Vegetables, Salad & Fruit

Fresh food is an important addition to the grain mixture, as it contains many minerals and vitamins.

While vegetables are usually quite low in calories, you have to be a little cautious with fruit because of the fructose it contains.

In the case of salads, it is better to avoid the usual lettuce and switch to other varieties, as these are often heavily contaminated with sprays, etc.

Fresh food - vegetables, salad and fruit

Kitchen herbs, wild herbs & grasses

Herbs have a particularly high content of vitamins and minerals.

While you can usually feed wild herbs in larger quantities, you have to be a little more careful with culinary herbs, as they usually contain essential oils to which budgies are somewhat sensitive.

Fresh food - culinary, wild herbs & grasses

Wild fruits

Many of the domestic wild fruits are not only eaten with pleasure by wild birds, but are also suitable for budgies and are also characterized by a high vitamin and mineral content.

Fresh food - wild fruits

Leaves, twigs and cones

The leaves of some trees are also suitable green food for budgies.

As a rule, you can also offer whole branches including leaves, as the nutrient-rich bark of the branches is also readily gnawed off.

Fresh food - twigs with Welli

Nutrient content

What are the nutrients in the main herbs, vegetables and salads that are suitable as fresh food?

Here is an overview of the most important nutrients that are particularly relevant for budgies.

Nutrient content