Suitable or unsuitable?

The question of suitable or unsuitable arises with many things in relation to budgies. So it is important to know what you should rather avoid and what alternatives there may be.

Woods & Branches

Here you will find an overview of trees and shrubs and their edible or possibly harmful or poisonous components.

Thus, you can determine which woods are suitable for perches (bark) and which branches (leaves) you can use completely as green fodder.

Suitable or unsuitable? - Branches

Cork for shredding?

Rumors about the harmfulness of cork for the health of budgies are always circulating on the Internet.

Why can you safely ignore them and offer your budgies cork to shred without hesitation?

Suitable or unsuitable? - Cork

Light sources (BirdLamp)

Budgies perceive light quite differently than humans do and therefore it is particularly important that all light sources above the cage (UV) and also in the room (flicker-free) are suitable for them.

Suitable or unsuitable? - Light sources

Moulting aid

Most commercially available products for molting aid are often not only completely useless, but usually also unhealthy.

But how then can I help budgies in the molt?

Suitable or unsuitable? - Mouse aids

Toys & Employment

Not all toys are safe for budgies, so it is always important to know what to look out for when buying or making them.

Especially in the trade, there are often “cheap” products made of unsuitable materials or there is simply no indication of which bird species they are intended for.

Suitable or unsuitable? - Toys

Cage accessories

  • Perches
  • Drinking and feeding bowls
  • This does not belong in the budgie cage
  • These accessories are dangerous for budgies
Suitable or unsuitable? - Accessories

Ropes and tapes

  • Dangers for budgies
  • Problematic ropes and tapes
  • Suitable ropes or tapes
Suitable or unsuitable? - Ropes and tapes