Food comparison – Human food

In the case of grain mixtures for budgies, one can draw certain parallels to human food.

Food comparison - Human food

Perhaps such a food comparison will encourage some people to take a closer look at their budgie food and consider how healthy it actually is.

Fast food

Human fast food is known to be very high in calories.

This would correspond to a grain mix that does not include grass seeds (low in calories), but does include many oil seeds (high in fat) contains.

Example: plata millet, red millet, silver millet, oat kernels, canary seed, Flaxseed, Cardy, Niger seed

Ready meals (convenience)

As probably many know, human ready meals (convenience products) contain a lot of undesirable ingredients and are also quite high in calories.

This would correspond to a mixture of grains that, in addition to oilseeds (high in calories) also still undesirable ingredients contains.

Example: Millet, canary seed, grass seed, Negro Seed , Linseed, Bakery products, oats, buckwheat, Fruits, Minerals, Vegetable by-products, Oils and fats, Honey, vegetables, vegetable protein extracts, Yeasts, Insects, Eggs and egg products, Molluscs and crustaceans

Whole foods

Whole foods are known to be the healthiest option and therefore highly recommended.

This would correspond to a grain mixture that, in addition to many different types of millet, at least 10% grass seed and also does not contain oilseeds (for indoor use). In addition, wild herbs as well as their seeds are always a recommended addition.

Example: Silver millet, La Plata Millet, Japan millet, Red millet, Senegal Millet, Green millet, Mohair Millet, Manna millet, glossy seed, Meadow fescue , Pagima Green and Cocksfoot , oat kernels, Herbs

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