Illuminant suitable for budgies


Not only the cage lighting, but also the light sources in the room should be suitable for budgies. While with the cage the emphasis is on the UV component, but also the flicker or flickering of the room lighting can be very unpleasant for the budgies.

While the human eye already perceives light with a frequency of 50 Hz as flicker-free, this effect does not occur in the budgerigar until 150 Hz. Thus, budgies can perceive a flicker or flickering of light that is invisible to the human eye.

How can I test my lamp?

With a normal smartphone, it is easy to test whether a light source flickers or flickers.

To do this, select the “Video” function for the camera on the smartphone and get as close as possible to it with the device (without recording!).

Illuminant suitable for budgies

If the light flickers, you will see lighter and darker stripes on the screen (interference1)Interference2between the light frequency and the display frequency (usually 30 FPS). The stronger the contrast between these stripes, the greater the brightness fluctuations or the stronger the flickering.

Attention: Lamps that can be dimmed should always be set to 100%, since dimming is usually done by pulse width modulation and thus inevitably leads to interference.

Light sources (Bird Lamp)

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