Dangerous accessories

Dangerous accessories

Unfortunately, dangerous accessories for budgies are still being sold in the trade, which are then bought by budgie owners in good faith without them being aware of the dangers.

Dangerous accessories for the cage

  • spiral millet or fruit and vegetable holder
  • Feed dispenser with refill opening
  • Mirrors and plastic birds
Feed dispenser

Mirrors and plastic birds , on the other hand, cause budgies to behave in ways that lead to crop inflammation can lead. They try to feed the bird in the mirror and thus choke up food again and again in vain. A resulting goitre can easily be fatal if it is not treated in time.

In the feed spirals and also in feed dispensers with refill openings, the budgies can get stuck, if they try to get to food remains, for example.


Example: Millet spiral

The budgie in the picture could be saved, but only because it was found in time and the owners had appropriate metal cutting tools to free it from it.

Dangerous accessories from the field of toys

  • Toys that they can get their toes or head caught in. (e.g. long strings, cords or tassels / loops or rings).
  • Toys that can cause them to swallow small parts (e.g. bells open at the bottom).
  • Toys where they can swallow chewed-off pieces (e.g. plastic parts). (e.g. parts made of plastic).
  • Toys on which they can poison themselves. (e.g. painted or with artificial colors).
  • Toys with loofah, because the loofah fibers are indigestible and can accumulate in the stomach and intestines.

Fringes or strings (e.g. raffia) are particularly dangerous, as budgies not only get their feet caught in them, but can also wrap them around their necks and strangle themselves.


Example: raffia cords

This toy was bought in good faith in a pet shop and almost became the undoing of a budgie because it got caught in the raffia strings and they wrapped around its neck in the process.

But budgies can also get their heads caught in chewed-off pieces of rattan.


Example: Rattan balls

The budgie had wrapped the chewed-off piece around its neck and could not free itself from it. In addition, rattan frays, with which chewed off fibers can be swallowed.

Some toys, such as bells that are open at the bottom, have small parts that can come loose and be swallowed or that budgies can get their beaks caught in.


Example: bell (open at the bottom)

This budgie had its beak caught in the mallet of the bell. After removing the swing, he was able to free his beak again only by chance.

Many toys, such as those made of plastic, cannot withstand a budgie’s beak and therefore there is a risk that nibbled off pieces can be swallowed.


Example: plastic grid balls

If the budgies shred these plastic balls or nibble on them, there is a risk of plastic parts being swallowed.

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