Blood loss in budgerigar

Blood loss in budgerigar
Blood loss – What to do?

Possible causes

The most common reason for this is likely to be injuries:

  • Tear off injuries of claws or toes
  • Bite wounds
  • Cuts
  • Approach trauma (e.g. window pane)
  • Blood quillsGrowing1and still blood leading feathers
Demolition violation
Demolition violation
Blood quill
Blood quill

But bleeding from body orifices can also occur in some diseases:

  • Fallopian tube diseases
  • Legenot
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Growths ulcers2, tumors, etc. on the cloaca


Since a budgie has only 4-5ml of blood, depending on its size, heavy or unstoppable bleeding can quickly become life-threatening.

A healthy bird can easily cope with the loss of about 10% of the blood volume, but that would be about only 8-10 blood droplets normal3size (cf. water droplets).

A sick or weakened budgie, on the other hand, can only make up for a small amount of blood loss.

Another issue would be delayed blood clotting, such as can occur with liver disease, which can lead to higher blood loss.



Heavy bleeding

The budgie loses blood streaming incessantly

It is imperative to immediately consult an avian veterinarian who will perform professional hemostasis.

During transport, compress the bleeding area with gentle pressure, e.4g. press on it with a compress.

Weak bleeding

  • Cover wound with hemostatic material,5e.g. hemostatic gelatin sponges.
  • Returning the budgie to its usual environment
  • Remove bedding or cover with cloths until bleeding has stopped completely to avoid possible contamination of the wound.

If the wound is still bleeding or dripping after 3 minutes, a veterinarian should be consulted.

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Also, if the budgie shows signs of a relieving posture or lameness (e.g. after claw trimming) on subsequent days, a visit to the vet is advisable.

Hemostatic gelatin sponges

Blood traces on budgie

First, house the bird as free of excitement as possible to better assess its condition.

  • Check whether the bleeding has already stopped.e.6g. with light-colored cloths
  • Assess whether the skin color on7unpigmented parts of the body is pink or white as8far as possible ( ⇒ veterinarian ).
  • Is the budgie “as usual” or does it seem “floppy and just sleeping” or is even “disoriented” ( ⇒ vet ) ?
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