Common cold (Rhinitis)

Common cold (Rhinitis)

Rhinitis (better known as the common cold) is the result of inflammation of the nasal mucosa.


Similar to humans, a clear to slimy cloudy liquid exits from the nostrils in the wax skin. This secretion can dry up and form crusts that can stick to the plumage and block the nostrils.

In addition, the inflammation can cause the nasal mucosa to swell and lead to breathing difficulties .

To clear its nostrils, the budgie keeps rubbing its head against perches and other cage accessories. In addition, he breathes with an open beak and sneezes frequently.



The cause of the common cold is usually an infection with viruses or bacteria.

This usually occurs in winter and is often due to excessively dry indoor air, which dries out the mucous membranes and makes them susceptible to pathogens.


For this, a nasal swab can be sent for examination in a laboratory.


In addition to antibiotic treatment, preparations can also be used to strengthen the budgie’s immune defences.

In addition, injections with multivitamin preparations and vitamin C are possible.

Several times a day, the owner should clean the nostrils and plumage with warm water. In addition, heat should be supplied to the budgie by means of a dark radiator (60W).

To remove pathogens, it is recommended to clean the affected cage accessories and food and water bowls with hot water daily .


As an effective preventive measure, an electric humidifier should be considered to prevent the room air from becoming too dry.

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