Sticky plumage in the area of the cloaca

Diarrhea is always an emergency situation for budgies, as it can quickly become life-threatening due to fluid loss.


Strictly speaking, diarrhea is not a disease, but a symptom that can have many causes.

The most common cause is probably intestinal inflammation . However, this could also be the result of liver disease, for example, or it could be“nervous diarrhea” triggered by a stressful situation.


In the budgie, feces and urine are always excreted at the same time. In a healthy bird, the feces should be dark (brownish or greenish) and shaped, with the uric acid visible as a solid white spot on it.

If the normally solid feces is more mushy or liquid, it is diarrhea.

However, if the formed feces are surrounded by liquid urine, it is instead kidney disease (polyuria).

If the diarrhea persists for more than a day, it is absolutely necessary to consult a veterinarian , otherwise the diarrhea can quickly become life-threatening.

Smaller birds, such as budgies, can die after a relatively short time due to fluid loss.

The reason for this is that budgies need to absorb relatively little water, as large amounts of water are removed from the urine in the cloaca and reabsorbed =1 returned to the body. Thus, a fluid craving is much more serious than, for example, in a mammal.


It is important that the veterinarian first determine and treat the cause of the diarrhea, as it is only a symptom of a disease.

So-called home remedies should be avoided at all costs, as they do more harm than good to the bird. To compensate for the loss of minerals, a so-called Tyrode solution2mineral solution specially formulated for birds or, if necessary, non-carbonated mineral water is suitable.

In addition, preparations from freeze-dried intestinal germs can also be used to stabilize the intestinal flora, e.g. Bird Bene Bac can be administered.

Before and also after the visit to the vet, it is also recommended to put the weakened budgie under a heat lamp (dark radiator) to put.

Boiled water or teas

After boiled water contains hardly any minerals, the budgie may in diarrhea not get tea (eg, chamomile). Also the use of Bird charcoal is not recommended, as it also absorbs important nutrients that the bird desperately needs in this case.

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