Diseases overview

Common cold (Rhinitis)

Rhinitis (better known as the common cold) is the result of inflammation of the nasal mucosa.


Trichomonads (Yellow Button)

This is an infection of the goitre with flagellates (trichomonads), which can cause acute respiratory distress due to swelling of the mucous membranes.


Scab mites (Grave mites)

Mew mites live on the skin of the budgie and also lay their eggs there.


Only when the budgie’s defences are weakened, e.g. due to stress, malnutrition or illness, can the mites multiply unhindered and the first symptoms of a mange mite infestation appear.


Crop inflammation can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or sometimes parasites.


Kidney inflammation

Kidney inflammation in budgies is a serious condition that can cause irreparable damage to the organ if not treated in time.


Megabacteriosis (Going Light Syndrome)

Budgies of any age can contract megabacteriosis or going light syndrome.



Diarrhea is always an emergency situation for budgies, as it can quickly become life-threatening due to fluid loss.


Intestinal parasites

These not only damage the intestinal wall, but also deprive the body of important nutrients and damage it through their toxic metabolic products.


Diseases of the brain

Central nervous disorders can have many different causes despite the same symptoms.

Erkrankungen des Gehirns


Tumours of the female reproductive organs are difficult to diagnose in live budgies. Testicular tumors, on the other hand, are found quite frequently in males.


Virus related plumage disorders

Some viruses, such as the polyomamavirus (French moult) or the circovirus (PBFD) lead to diseases that can cause massive plumage disorders.

Virusbedingte Gefiederstörungen
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