Tools for the treatment

Tools for the treatment

No substitute for veterinarian

As a general rule, a sick bird must be treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Waiting for days to see if improvement occurs or treating with “home remedies” without knowing the exact cause can quickly lead to death in the budgie.

However, there are some measures that you should know and for which you should have certain tools available .

Heat radiation


Unlike mammals, birds do not respond to disease-causing germs with fever, but with a lowering of body temperature to slow the growth of the germs.

If the budgie’s immune defenses fail to quickly destroy the germs, the ongoing hypothermia will lead to major problems. While in mammals in such a case one tries to lower the fever, it is essential to give heat to sick birds.

The heat radiation strengthens the immune system and counteracts weakening of the bird (lower energy consumption).

Heat lamp with dark radiator

However, common infrared radiators are not suitable for this purpose, as they are not designed for continuous operation (fire hazard!) and the red light damages the budgie’s eyes.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a dark radiator (50-60W) and an appropriate reflector with a protective grid:

Heat lamp with dark radiator

Brain Injuries

In case of brain injuries after accidents or central nervous disorders, such as paralysis or cramps, heat radiation is harmful for the budgie.

Stop bleeding


Acute bleeding in the budgie must always be stopped as soon as possible.

After the total amount of blood in the budgie is already very small (about 3-4ml), even relatively few drops of blood can quickly become life-threatening .


In addition to applying pressure to the wound with a finger, it is also recommended to use a hemostatic agent (iron III chloride) :

➔ See First aid box for budgies

Hemostatic Swab

First aid measures

These first aid measures do not replace a trip to the vet.

First aid box

Usually you think of a first aid box for budgies when it is already too late.

It would therefore be advisable to put together an appropriate box in good time.

The following things should be included:

  • Hemostatic agent (ferric chloride)
  • Aids for wound care
  • Tweezers, blunt tip scissors and a syringe set
First aid box

➔ More detailed information at First aid box for budgies

Vet visit

In order to bring an injured or sick budgie to the vet as quickly as possible, various things are necessary that you cannot order or get first.


Depending on whether you have to capture the budgie in a cage or in the room, you need different things:

Cotton cloth for trapping

More detailed information under Capture & Hold .


In addition, a suitable transport box is needed that allows easy retrieval and placement of the budgie by the veterinarian.

Transport box
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