First aid box

First aid box

Something like a first aid box for budgies is usually thought of only when it is already too late.

So I have tried to put together a small first aid kit for budgies so that you have the most important things at hand in case of emergency.


Even with budgies, the most important thing is to stop the bleeding first, especially considering that they only have about 4ml of blood.

These are cotton swabs filled with an iron III chloride solution to stop bleeding. After bending the marked spot, this is released and soaks the cotton swab with the solution.

Cotton swab for hemostasis


Unfortunately, the haemostatic swabs are sometimes difficult to obtain. Therefore, here are some alternatives.

Wound care

Alcohol free antiseptic

  • Wound disinfection

Isotonic saline solution

  • Irrigation of wounds and eye injuries

Cotton swab

  • Dabbing on solutions
  • Hygienic application of ointments
  • To bite on during treatment (instead of fingers!)
  • Rails from fractures


  • Wound cleaning
  • Covering wounds
  • Large-scale dabbing of solutions

Self-adhesive dressing

  • Wound dressing

Normal plasters & fixation plasters

Never use normal plasters on a bird, because the feather will inevitably stick to it
The picture shows the result when you try to remove them afterwards.

Blood loss in a bird – what to do?



  • Removal of foreign bodies

Blunt tip scissors

  • Cutting dressing material or compresses
  • Cutting of dressing material during dressing change
  • Cutting fibres that have wrapped around limbs
  • Shortening broken springs


  • For administering medication
  • For the administration of nutrient solutions

Cotton cloth (thin)

  • To trap the bird inside the cage.


  • To hold the bird, because without gloves it would associate negative experiences with the hand in the future.

First aid box

  • Storing the First Aid Kit