Natural branches

Natural branches

Natural branches contribute in many ways to the health and occupation of budgies and should therefore be available in every budgie cage.

Which branches are suitable?

Particularly suitable are, of course, all branches, which you can also offer as fresh food.

  • Hazelnut or corkscrew hazelnut
  • Fruit trees (except peach and plum)
  • Birch
  • Alder
  • Hornbeam (not copper beech, etc.)
  • Pine (resin-free!)
  • Poplar
  • Pasture


In a budgie cage, always replace all turned hardwood perches with natural branches, as these are essential for foot health.

The advantages of perches made of natural branches are:

  • different thickness and irregular surface
  • more flexible and bounce when landing
  • Bark as a source of minerals

You can also easily make them yourself with the right materials.

Perch with partner swing
Perch with swing and nibble cone

Natural wood perches & swings


The turned hardwood poles that come with most cages can easily be made into a cage by their uniform thickness and surface Bale ulcers lead, since always the same places of the bird’s foot rest. In addition these damage the joints, as they do not bounce when the bird lands on them.

Climbing branches

Climbing branch with Mio
Corkscrew hazel branch

Branched branches, e.g. from fruit trees and especially from corkscrews, are excellent for climbing and perching in free flight if you attach them to the cage roof, for example.

These not only serve to keep the animals busy, but also as a source of minerals, as they like to nibble off the bark.

Free flight seating

Swings and other seating made from natural branches offer the same advantages as the corresponding perches and also always invite nibbling.

Swing with Lotta
Swing from natural branches

If you can’t find them in the shops, you can easily make them yourself.

Natural wood swings

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