Night Fright

Night Fright

An often underestimated danger is the so-called night fright, which can lead to under circumstances to (serious) injuries at the budgies.

One or the other will have already determined that the budgerigars e.g. the wildest space battles with Star Wars on television completely pass the “tail feathers”, that however a completely harmless object or an unknown noise sets them into panic.

During the day this may not be much of a problem, except that you may have to keep your head down, but in the dark the Night Fright or Night Fright can lead to possibly serious injury if the panicked budgies can’t see where theyare flying.

Thus, the cage bars, the wall or another obstacle can be their undoing. In the worst case, it can even be fatal if they fly at full speed against the wall and break their neck.

Thus one should absolutely in the budgie room one or more night light(s) attach, so that these can recognize still obstacles with a night fright in any case.

Night lights that switch on automatically at night or can be programmed with a smartphone are particularly recommended.