Fodder plants: Ribwort

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The 4th part of the series of articles about food plants for budgies is about the ribwort plantain, which can be found on most meadows.




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  • Stem
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General tips

General tips The entire plant can be offered to the birds for consumption.

It is particularly important during the moult!

It is widespread and can be found on many roadsides.

For external use in inflammation, I recommend bath teas and cold extracts.

Please be careful when picking in nature:

Weed killer may have been used on manicured properties.

Picking should also not be done on or next to agricultural land because of over-fertilization.

Please also do not pick on busy roads due to the pollution.

Ingredients and effects on birds

In combination with chickweed, plantain is perfect for moulting.

In addition to the silicic acid (formation of new feathers), it is rich in vitamin C, tannins and mucilage, as well as glycosides and flavonoids.

It is particularly good for external inflammation.

Harvest time

From May to October

Franzis Budgie World

Franzis Budgie World

Guest author of this series of articles on fodder plants