Tea as a substitute for drinking water?

Tea as a substitute for drinking water?

Tea has many beneficial properties and can be offered both for drinking and bathing.

Often it can also be used to support illnesses.

In order to preserve the healthy ingredients, you should never pour boiling water on it, but only a water temperature of about 90°C.

Suitability as drinking water substitute?

The situation is different, however, if you plan to replace the drinking water completely with it.

Just like rainwater, our drinking water contains vital electrolytes.

These are acids, bases, minerals, ions and salts that are in an “electrical” relationship to each other and are therefore elementary for the fluid balance.

Unfortunately, boiled water, including tea, no longer contains electrolytes and can therefore destroy the liquid balance of budgies in the long term .

Without electrolytes, the body excretes too much fluid, which would dehydrate the budgie. Especially in the case of kidney or diarrhoeal diseases, this can lead to the death of the bird.

As healthy as it may be, it should never completely replace drinking water.

Tea as a substitute for water

If you want to (or have to) offer this for several days, you still have to offer normal drinking water (without additives) at the same time.

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