Two make four – my little flock

After my two adoptive welchies mostly just sat around in the cage and lacked many budgie-typical behaviors (curiosity, nibbling, desire to fly, etc.), I was soon looking for a solution.

After some consideration, I then decided that these needed a role model for normal budgie behavior and got two “normal” young birds from a trustworthy breeder.

The two new ones - Lotta & Emil
The two new ones – Lotta & Emil

So the two budgies, then but four pieces and I now have a little flock. Even though it was not originally planned this way, I have to say that my two adopted budgies have become much livelier and have already picked up one or two budgie-typical behaviors.

First contact

And here he is now my little crush. All four budgies together on the climbing playground during free flight.

Small flock
Common recreation break during free flight

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