Warning – Loose tapes

Many toys for budgies often harbour dangers that you would never think of at first, such as loose ribbons that only appear when the toy is shredded.

Loose tapes

Who would suspect that these hay rolls made of completely natural materials could become a deadly hazard (loose straps). Apparently, this is more of an interesting occupation.

largely shredded hay roll

However, as soon as the budgies start shredding, sooner or later the straw ribbons come off the roll and hang loose.

It is precisely these loose bands that pose a danger that should not be underestimated, as budgies can get caught in them or wrap them around their heads and strangle themselves.

Hay roll ribbon

This piece of tape, which had come loose from the hay roll during shredding, almost became the undoing of a budgie.

The budgie “Pabu” had become completely entangled in the loose ends of the band and was unable to free himself from it.

If his owner had not become aware of the strange noises at the cage, it could have ended badly for “Pabu”. Fortunately, the latter was able to cut him out of the tapes in time and save him.

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