Welcome to Welli@Home

Welcome to Welli@Home

Keeping budgies at home appropriate for the species

Welcome, here you will find the basics for a species-appropriate husbandry at home, further information, suggestions and ideas for DIY, tips & recommendations for everything around the budgie as well as suitable sources.

After I had adopted two budgies, which were previously only kept in a cage, I had to, as an absolute beginner in the matter of species-appropriate keeping of budgies, gather a lot of information on the Internet and in books, as well as find solutions for the implementation of various projects and problems that arose.

In my blog Welli@Home I would like to collect my collected information, experiences and knowledge for a species-appropriate attitude, but also my sources of supply, which I have found to suitable and proven products.

Mio & Elliot

I hope that one or the other can save himself some search work and avoid mistakes, but of course also that many other Wellis thereby a species-appropriate attitude is made possible.

How it all began …

Two make four – my little flock