Crochet budgie

Crochet budgie

Why not crochet a particularly easy-care crochet budgie as a felo.

To crochet this budgie, I used as a basis a crochet pattern from Parivonne’s World which was adapted by me accordingly.

Material for crochet budgie

How to crochet budgie

With this tutorial you can crochet either a green or a blue budgie, depending on which wool colour you choose. The alternative colours are indicated in the headings of the individual sections.

Head (yellow)

The head is yellow in both alternatives, but of course you can also use white wool for the blue budgie if you don’t want to crochet a yellow face.

  • 1st round: 6 dc in a thread ringsee1crochet techniques [6].
  • Pull thread ring tightly together
Head 1
  • 2nd rnd: each stitch verd. [12]
Head 2
  • 3rd round: 1 dc and 1 stitch doubled. [18]
  • 4th-9th rnd: 18 dc each [18]
Head 03

Body (light green or light blue)

Here you now have to decide whether you want to crochet a green or a blue budgie.

  • Color change2See crochet techniques
  • 1st rnd: 18 dc [18]
  • 2nd rnd: 8 stitches digested. + 10 dc [26]
  • 3rd-7th rnd: 26 dc each [26]
  • Screw in plastic eyes (approx. 6mm) on the right and left of the head
Body 1
  • 8th round: decrease 2 dc + 1 stitch each. [20]
  • 9. rnd: 20 dc [20]
  • 10th round: decrease 2 dc + 1 stitch each. [15]
  • 11-13 rnd: 15 dc [15]
Body 2

Tail feathers (dark green or dark blue)

  • Color change3See crochet techniques
  • 1st round: 15 dc [15]
  • 2nd round: decrease 1 dc + 1 stitch at a time [10]
  • Stuff head and body well with stuffing wool
Tail feathers 1
  • 3rd-4th rnd: 10 dc each [10]
  • 5th round: decrease 1 dc + 1 stitch each [ 7] .
  • rd 6-13: 7 dc each [7]
  • 1 ch, cut thread (approx. 20cm) and pull through
  • Sew up tail feathers at the end with remaining thread

Beak (gray or beige)

  • Cut thread with about 60cm
  • Pull horizontally through approx. 3 stitches with darning needle and knot.
Beak 1
  • Always poke the thread through the same hole at the bottom centre.
  • Form the beak with about 6 threads and then sew them
Beak 2

Wax skin (blue or brown)

Depending on whether you want to crochet a rooster or a hen, you have to choose blue or brown here.

  • Cut thread with about 30cm
  • Mit Stopfnadel 2-3 Fäden über dem Schnabel vernähen
Wax skin

Wings (dark green or dark blue)

The wings also have to be adapted to the respective budgie colour, of course.

  • Initial loop
  • 16 Lm
  • Crochet a dc in the 2nd ch
  • 1 dc + 4 tr + 4 dc + 4 dc + 1 ch
  • continue crocheting on the other side of the ch
Wings 1
  • 4 dc + 4 dc + 4 tr + 1 dc + 1 dc
  • 1 ch, cut thread (30cm) and pull through
Wings 2
  • Sew the first third of the wing to the body with the remaining thread.
Wings 3

Feet (gray or beige)

  • Initial loop
  • 8 Lm
  • 1 ch, cut thread, pull through and cut off
Feet 1
  • Initial loop
  • 4 ch
  • Pull the last stitch through the 3rd stitch (from the end) of the 8 air stitches.
Feet 2
  • Then crochet 4 ch for the last toe
  • 1 ch, cut thread, pull through and cut off
Feet 3
  • Sew or knot the feet to the body.
Budgie blue

abn. – decrease
dc – solid stitch
htr – half stick
Ch – warp stitch
ch – air stitch
Rd – Round
Tr – sticks
verd. – double

Crochet techniques

Cross the thread as for a beginning air stitch, form a ring and pull the thread through.

Fadenring - Teil 1

Crochet one air stitch.

Fadenring - Teil 2

Pierce the ring and pick up the working thread below the end of the thread and crochet a solid stitch. Repeat this step until the desired number of solid stitches is reached.

Fadenring - Teil 3

Then use the end of the thread to pull the ring tightly together.

Fadenring - Teil 4

Now you can continue working according to the instructions by stitching into the first stitch of the previous round.

Fadenring - Teil 5

Alte Runde mit einer Kettmasche schließen und abgeschnittenen Faden durchziehen.

Create initial stitch with the new color.

Farbwechsel - Teil 1

Anfangsmasche von außen nach innen durch die letzte Masche der vorherigen Runde ziehen.

Pull new working thread through the first stitch of the previous round.

Farbwechsel - Teil 2

With the loop and the initial stitch crochet a solid stitch.